IPL 2022 live Tata Sky Channel List with Number [Verified]


Tata Sky IPL 2022 Hindi Channel list with Number

Star Sports 1 Hindi 460
Star Sports 1 Hindi HD 459


Tata Sky IPL 2022 English Channel list with Number

Star Sports 1 455
Star Sports 1 HD 454
Star Sports Select 1 464
Star Sports Select HD 1 463
Star Sports 2 457
Star Sports 2 HD 456
Star Sports Select 2 466
Star Sports Select HD 2 465


Tata Sky IPL 2022 Tamil Channel list with Number

Star Sports 1 Tamil 1551


Tata Sky IPL 2022 Telugu Channel list with Number

Star Sports 1 Telugu 1446


Tata Sky IPL 2022 Kannada Channel list with Number

Star Sports 1 Kannada 1446


Tata Sky IPL 2022 Bangla Channel list with Number

Jalsha Movies 1320
Jalsha Movies HD 1319

IPL 2022 on OTT Platform

IPL 2022 Online Broadcasters –

  1. Hotstar
  2. Jio TV
  3. Thop TV
  4. Redbox TV

IPL 2022: Full Schedule, Time Table

Here’s the full schedule of the IPL 2021

Apr-09 7:30 PM MI vs RCB Chennai
Apr-10 7:30 PM CSK vs DC Mumbai
Apr-11 7:30 PM SRH vs KKR Chennai
Apr-12 7:30 PM RR vs PK Mumbai
Apr-13 7:30 PM KKR vs MI Chennai
Apr-14 7:30 PM SRH vs RCB Chennai
Apr-15 7:30 PM RR vs DC Mumbai
Apr-16 7:30 PM PK vs CSK Mumbai
Apr-17 7:30 PM MI vs SRH Chennai
Apr-18 3:30 PM RCB vs KKR Chennai
Apr-18 7:30 PM DC vs PK Mumbai
Apr-19 7:30 PM CSK vs RR Mumbai
Apr-20 7:30 PM DC vs MI Chennai
Apr-21 3:30 PM PK vs SRH Chennai
Apr-21 7:30 PM KKR vs CSK Mumbai
Apr-22 7:30 PM RCB vs RR Mumbai
Apr-23 7:30 PM PK vs MI Chennai
Apr-24 7:30 PM RR vs KKR Mumbai
Apr-25 3:30 PM CSK vs RCB Mumbai
Apr-25 7:30 PM SRH vs DC Chennai
Apr-26 7:30 PM PK vs KKR Ahmedabad
Apr-27 7:30 PM DC vs RCB Ahmedabad
Apr-28 7:30 PM CSK vs SRH Delhi
Apr-29 3:30 PM MI vs RR Delhi
Apr-29 7:30 PM DC vs KKR Ahmedabad
Apr-30 7:30 PM PK vs RCB Ahmedabad
May-01 7:30 PM MI vs CSK Delhi
May-02 3:30 PM RR vs SRH Delhi
May-02 7:30 PM PK vs DC Ahmedabad
May-03 7:30 PM KKR vs RCB Ahmedabad
May-04 7:30 PM SRH vs MI Delhi
May-05 7:30 PM RR vs CSK Delhi
May-06 7:30 PM RCB vs PK Ahmedabad
May-07 7:30 PM SRH vs CSK Delhi
May-08 3:30 PM KKR vs DC Ahmedabad
May-08 7:30 PM RR vs MI Delhi
May-09 3:30 PM CSK vs PK Bengaluru
May-09 7:30 PM RCB vs SRH Kolkata
May-10 7:30 PM MI vs KKR Bengaluru
May-11 7:30 PM DC vs RR Kolkata
May-12 7:30 PM CSK vs KKR Bengaluru
May-13 3:30 PM MI vs PK Bengaluru
May-13 7:30 PM SRH vs RR Kolkata
May-14 7:30 PM RCB vs DC Kolkata
May-15 7:30 PM KKR vs PK Bengaluru
May-16 3:30 PM RR vs RCB Kolkata
May-16 7:30 PM CSK vs MI Bengaluru
May-17 7:30 PM DC vs SRH Kolkata
May-18 7:30 PM KKR vs RR Bengaluru
May-19 7:30 PM SRH vs PK Bengaluru
May-20 7:30 PM RCB vs MI Kolkata
May-21 3:30 PM KKR vs SRH Bengaluru
May-21 7:30 PM DC vs CSK Kolkata
May-22 7:30 PM PK vs RR Bengaluru
May-23 3:30 PM MI vs DC Kolkata
May-23 7:30 PM RCB vs CSK Kolkata
May-25 7:30 PM Qualifier 1 Ahmedabad
May-26 7:30 PM Eliminator Ahmedabad
May-28 7:30 PM Qualifier 2 Ahmedabad
May-30 7:30 PM Final Ahmedabad

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