IPL live Tata Sky Channel List with Number

IPL 2021 live Tata Sky Channel List with Number


Tata Sky IPL 2021 Hindi Channel list with Number

Channel Name Channel No
Star Sports 1 Hindi 460
Star Sports 1 Hindi HD 459


Tata Sky IPL 2021 English Channel list with Number

Channel Name Channel No
Star Sports 1 455
Star Sports 1 HD 454
Star Sports Select 1 464
Star Sports Select HD 1 463
Star Sports 2 457
Star Sports 2 HD 456
Star Sports Select 2 466
Star Sports Select HD 2 465


Tata Sky IPL 2021 Tamil Channel list with Number

Channel Name Channel No
Star Sports 1 Tamil 1551


Tata Sky IPL 2021 Telugu Channel list with Number

Channel Name Channel No
Star Sports 1 Telugu 1446


Tata Sky IPL 2021 Kannada Channel list with Number

Channel Name Channel No
Star Sports 1 Kannada 1446


Tata Sky IPL 2021 Bangla Channel list with Number

Channel Name Channel No
Jalsha Movies 1320
Jalsha Movies HD 1319

IPL 2021 on OTT Platform

IPL 2021 Online Broadcasters –

  1. Hotstar
  2. Jio TV
  3. Thop TV
  4. Redbox TV

IPL 2021: Full Schedule, Time Table

Here’s the full schedule of the IPL 2021

Apr-09 7:30 PM MI vs RCB Chennai
Apr-10 7:30 PM CSK vs DC Mumbai
Apr-11 7:30 PM SRH vs KKR Chennai
Apr-12 7:30 PM RR vs PK Mumbai
Apr-13 7:30 PM KKR vs MI Chennai
Apr-14 7:30 PM SRH vs RCB Chennai
Apr-15 7:30 PM RR vs DC Mumbai
Apr-16 7:30 PM PK vs CSK Mumbai
Apr-17 7:30 PM MI vs SRH Chennai
Apr-18 3:30 PM RCB vs KKR Chennai
Apr-18 7:30 PM DC vs PK Mumbai
Apr-19 7:30 PM CSK vs RR Mumbai
Apr-20 7:30 PM DC vs MI Chennai
Apr-21 3:30 PM PK vs SRH Chennai
Apr-21 7:30 PM KKR vs CSK Mumbai
Apr-22 7:30 PM RCB vs RR Mumbai
Apr-23 7:30 PM PK vs MI Chennai
Apr-24 7:30 PM RR vs KKR Mumbai
Apr-25 3:30 PM CSK vs RCB Mumbai
Apr-25 7:30 PM SRH vs DC Chennai
Apr-26 7:30 PM PK vs KKR Ahmedabad
Apr-27 7:30 PM DC vs RCB Ahmedabad
Apr-28 7:30 PM CSK vs SRH Delhi
Apr-29 3:30 PM MI vs RR Delhi
Apr-29 7:30 PM DC vs KKR Ahmedabad
Apr-30 7:30 PM PK vs RCB Ahmedabad
May-01 7:30 PM MI vs CSK Delhi
May-02 3:30 PM RR vs SRH Delhi
May-02 7:30 PM PK vs DC Ahmedabad
May-03 7:30 PM KKR vs RCB Ahmedabad
May-04 7:30 PM SRH vs MI Delhi
May-05 7:30 PM RR vs CSK Delhi
May-06 7:30 PM RCB vs PK Ahmedabad
May-07 7:30 PM SRH vs CSK Delhi
May-08 3:30 PM KKR vs DC Ahmedabad
May-08 7:30 PM RR vs MI Delhi
May-09 3:30 PM CSK vs PK Bengaluru
May-09 7:30 PM RCB vs SRH Kolkata
May-10 7:30 PM MI vs KKR Bengaluru
May-11 7:30 PM DC vs RR Kolkata
May-12 7:30 PM CSK vs KKR Bengaluru
May-13 3:30 PM MI vs PK Bengaluru
May-13 7:30 PM SRH vs RR Kolkata
May-14 7:30 PM RCB vs DC Kolkata
May-15 7:30 PM KKR vs PK Bengaluru
May-16 3:30 PM RR vs RCB Kolkata
May-16 7:30 PM CSK vs MI Bengaluru
May-17 7:30 PM DC vs SRH Kolkata
May-18 7:30 PM KKR vs RR Bengaluru
May-19 7:30 PM SRH vs PK Bengaluru
May-20 7:30 PM RCB vs MI Kolkata
May-21 3:30 PM KKR vs SRH Bengaluru
May-21 7:30 PM DC vs CSK Kolkata
May-22 7:30 PM PK vs RR Bengaluru
May-23 3:30 PM MI vs DC Kolkata
May-23 7:30 PM RCB vs CSK Kolkata
May-25 7:30 PM Qualifier 1 Ahmedabad
May-26 7:30 PM Eliminator Ahmedabad
May-28 7:30 PM Qualifier 2 Ahmedabad
May-30 7:30 PM Final Ahmedabad

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