Singtel TV Channels List with Number [Singapore]


Singtel TV Entertainment Channel List with Number

Entertainment Channels Channel No
FOX Life Play (HD) 301
FOX Life (HD) 301
Lifetime (HD) 302
AXN (HD) 304
Warner TV Encore 306
Warner TV (HD) 306
KIX HD 309
FX Play 310
FX (HD) 310
FOX Crime (HD) 313
FOX Crime Play 313
Blue Ant ENT (HD) 318
Comedy Central Asia (HD) 324
HITS (HD) 326
HITS Replay 326
FOX HD  330
FOX Play 330
Animax (HD) 342
GMA Catch Up On Demand 690

Lifestyle & Music

Singtel TV Lifestyle & Music Channel List with Number

Lifestyle & Music Channels Channel No
HGTV (HD) 250
ABC Australia 251
Food Network (HD) 252
Travel Channel HD 253
TLC 254
AFN (HD) 256
TRACE Sports Stars HD 257
DMAX 258
MTV Asia 350
[V] HD International 352


Singtel TV Movies Channel List with Number

Movie Channels Channel No
FOX Family Movies (HD) 406
FOX Action Movies (HD) 408
FOX Movies Play 414
FOX Movies (HD)  414
Thrill 415
HBO HD 420
HBO Signature (HD) 421
HBO Family (HD) 422
HBO Hits (HD) 423


Singtel TV Sports Channel List with Number

Sports Channels Channel No
mio Stadium (HD) 102
mio Stadium 103 (HD) 103
mio Stadium 104 (HD) 104
mio Stadium 105 (HD) 105
mio Stadium 106 (HD) 106
mio Stadium 107 (HD) 107
mio Stadium 108 (HD) 108
beIN SPORTS (HD) 109
mio Sports 111
mio Sports 2 112
mio Sports 3 113
FOX Sports 114
FOX Sports 2 115
FOX Sports 3 116
RugbyPass TV 118
(HD) STAR Cricket 123
STAR Cricket Plus 124
Cricket Plus 125
Sports On Demand 133


Singtel TV News Channel List with Number

News Channels Channel No
Sky News HD 151
CGTN 155
NHK World – Japan (HD) 157
FOX News Channel 165
CNN International (HD) 167
HLN 169
Bloomberg Television (HD) 171
CNBC Asia 173
Times Now 676
NDTV 24×7 678


Singtel TV Education Channel List with Number

Education Channels Channel No
National Geographic (HD)  201
National Geographic Play 201
Discovery Channel (HD) 202
Discovery Asia (HD) 204
Discovery Science (HD) 205
Crime + Investigation™ (HD) 206
Nat Geo Wild HD 207
Animal Planet (HD) 208
HISTORY2™ (HD) 210
CGTN-Documentary 211
Nat Geo People HD 255


Singtel TV Kids Channel List with Number

Kids Channels Channel No
Cartoon Network (HD) 226
Boomerang (HD) 228
DreamWorks (HD) 234
Nick Jr. 238
Nickelodeon Asia HD 240
BabyTV (HD) 244

Free To Air

Singtel TV Free To Air Channel List with Number

Free To Air Channels Channel No
Ch 5 (HD) 2
CNA (HD) 6


Singtel TV Complimentary Channel List with Number

Complimentary Channels Channel No
eGG Network 14
Fight Sports (HD) 16
(HD) Outdoor Channel 17
Fight Sports (HD) 119
France 24 (English) 159
Deutsche Welle (English) 161
(HD) Outdoor Channel 259
What is Singtel Customer Service Number?

Singtel Customer Service Number: 1688 (available 24 hours daily)
From overseas: +65 6235 1688

Where do I find my Singtel TV number?

1) Singtel TV number printed on the Singtel bill – you need to find ‘Singtel TV No. xxxxxxxx’
2) Call Singtel Customer Service at 1688

What are the features of a Singtel TV Go App?

Features of a Singtel TV Go App- Variety of Content, Programme Reminders, Remote Control (you can also control your Set-Top box through app) and Remote Recording.

How to set R21 Pin on Singtel Set-Top Box?

R21 content is locked by default to prevent children under 21 years of age from watching it.
Step 1: On your remote press the Left button > Setting > Parental Control
Step 2: Under Parental Control select R21 lock
Step 3: As it is locked by default, call 1688 to acquire password so that you can unlock R21 content

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